pap 0.1.1

Paper management tool
pap-0.1.1 is not a library.

Paper threading

pap is a paper threading tool for the command line. It offers a simple interface for adding metadata and querying reading status. The workflow is opinionated, dividing into four different stages and tailored to the author's use.


You can install pap with

cargo install pap

How-to use

Currently my reading is comprised of four stages:

  • I - added but deeper understanding with more references is needed
  • II - read and compressed on a paper or whiteboard
  • III - recalled or explained to somebody else, looked into open-review
  • IV - feed-back from publication venue, textual results or reversed-citation graph


Dual-licensed to be compatible with the Rust project.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 or the MIT license, at your option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.