paccat 0.1.0

Print pacman package files
paccat-0.1.0 is not a library.


Print pacman package files


paccat [options] <targets> -- <files>

a target is can be specified as <pkgname>, <repo>/<pkgname>, <url> or <file>.

files can be specified as just the filename or the full path.


paccat grub -- etc/default/grub

Print the contents of 'etc/default/grub' from the gub package.

paccat pacman -- pacman.conf

Print the contents of any file named 'pacman.conf' from the pacman package.

paccat -x pacman mkinitcpio -- '\\.conf^'

Print the contents of all files ending in '.conf' from both the pacman and mkinitcpio packages.

paccat ~/pkgs/my-pkg-1.0.0-1.pkg.tar.zst -- myfile

Print the contents of 'myfile' from a package tarball.

paccat -- git-blame.1.gz

Download and print the contents of 'git-blame.1.gz' from the git package.";