opmark 0.0.3

An experimental markup language focused on presentation making


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OpMark is an experimental markup language focused on presentation making. It's still in pre-alpha stage.


  • Rich Text
  • Ordered/Unordered list
  • Image
  • Hyperlink


A simple OpMark document

## This is Page 1

This is a simple example of *OpMark*.


## This is Page 2

### Rich Text
You can markup text using the following syntax:

### Lists
You can make lists:

- unordered list

1. ordered list as well

### Images
![title of the image](src.png)

### Hyperlinks

WARN: OpMark uses different codes for EOL(end of line/line break) in different systems: \r\n(CRLF) in Windows, \n(LF) in others.

Using the parser

use opmark::Parser;
use std::{

fn main() {
    let path = Path::new("./foo/bar.opmark");
    let file_content = read_to_string(path).expect("Failed at reading file");
    let parser = Parser::new(file_content);
    for mark in parser {
        // do some stuff