ohmers 0.1.0

A library for retrieving and storing objects in a Redis server
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A library for retrieving and storing objects in a Redis server.

The crate is called ohmers and you can depend on it via cargo:

ohmers = "0.1.0"


#[macro_use(model, create, insert)] extern crate ohmers;
extern crate rustc_serialize;
extern crate redis;
use ohmers::*;

model!(Event {
    indices {
        name:String = "My Event".to_string();
    venue:Reference<Venue> = Reference::new();
    participants:Set<Person> = Set::new();
    votes:Counter = Counter;

model!(Venue {
    name:String = "My Venue".to_string();
    events:Set<Event> = Set::new();

model!(Person {
    name:String = "A Person".to_string();

fn main() {
    let client = redis::Client::open("redis://").unwrap();
    let p1 = create!(Person { name: "Alice".to_string(), }, &client).unwrap();
    let p2 = create!(Person { name: "Bob".to_string(), }, &client).unwrap();
    let p3 = create!(Person { name: "Charlie".to_string(), }, &client).unwrap();

    let v1 = create!(Venue { name: "Home".to_string(), }, &client).unwrap();
    let v2 = create!(Venue { name: "Work".to_string(), }, &client).unwrap();

    let mut e1 = create!(Event { name: "Birthday Party".to_string(), }, &client).unwrap();
    insert!(e1.participants, p1, &client).unwrap();
    insert!(e1.participants, p2, &client).unwrap();
    insert!(e1.participants, p3, &client).unwrap();

    let mut e2 = create!(Event { name: "Work Meeting".to_string(), }, &client).unwrap();
    insert!(e2.participants, p1, &client).unwrap();
    insert!(e2.participants, p2, &client).unwrap();


For a more comprehensive documentation with all the available functions and parameters go to http://seppo0010.github.io/ohmers/