odbc2parquet 0.2.1

Query an ODBC data source and store the result in a Parquet file.
odbc2parquet-0.2.1 is not a library.

ODBC to Parquet

A command line tool to query an ODBC data source and write the result into a parquet file.


Query using connection string

odbc2parquet --connection-string "Driver={ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server};Server=localhost;UID=SA;PWD=<YourStrong@Passw0rd>;" "SELECT * FROM Birthdays" out.par1

Query using data source name

odbc2parquet --dsn my_db --password "<YourStrong@Passw0rd>" --user "SA" "SELECT * FROM Birthdays" out.par1

Use odbc2parquet --help to see all option.


Download binary from GitHub


Note: Download the 32 Bit version if you want to connect to data sources using 32 Bit drivers and download the 64 Bit version if you want to connect via 64 Bit drivers. It won't work vice versa.

Via Cargo

If you have a rust nightly toolchain installed, you can install this tool via cargo.

cargo +nightly install odbc2parquet

Mapping of types

The tool queries the ODBC Data source for type information and maps it to parquet type as such:

ODBC SQL Type Parquet Logical Type
Decimal(p=0..18, s=0) Decimal(p,s)
Numeric(p=0..18, s=0) Decimal(p,s)
Bit Boolean
Double Double
Real Float
Float Float
Tiny Integer Int8
Small Integer Int16
Integer Int32
Big Int Int64
Date Date
Timestamp Timestamp Microseconds
All others Utf8 Byte Array

p is short for precision. s is short for scale. Intervals are inclusive the last element.