objekt 0.1.1

Clone trait that is object-safe

Clone trait that is object-safe

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This crate provides a Clone trait that can be used in trait objects, and a clone_box function that can clone any sized or dynamically sized implementation of Clone. Types that implement the standard library's std::clone::Clone trait are automatically usable this way.

The signature of clone_box is:

fn clone_box<T>(t: &T) -> Box<T>
    T: ?Sized + objekt::Clone


extern crate objekt;

trait MyTrait: objekt::Clone {
    fn recite(&self);

impl MyTrait for String {
    fn recite(&self) {
        println!("{} ♫", self);

fn main() {
    let line = "The slithy structs did gyre and gimble the namespace";

    // Build a trait object holding a String.
    // This requires String to implement MyTrait and std::clone::Clone.
    let x: Box<MyTrait> = Box::new(String::from(line));


    // The type of x2 is a Box<MyTrait> cloned from x.
    let x2 = objekt::clone_box(&*x);