nrfdfu 0.1.0

A flashing tool for the nRF bootloader
nrfdfu-0.1.0 is not a library.

nRF DFU Flashing Tool

nrfdfu-rs is an implementation of the protocol used by the bootloader on the nRF family of microcontrollers. It can be used to flash an ELF firmware file onto devices such as the nRF52840 Dongle.

This tool was written to replace pc-nrfutil in our trainings, so it implements a subset of the features found there.


Run the following command to install the nrfdfu executable on your system:

$ cargo install nrfdfu

The tool is designed to be passed an ELF file as follows:

$ nrfdfu path/to/firmware.elf

This allows using it as a Cargo runner to automatically flash your Rust firmware during cargo run. Place the following in .cargo/config.toml to use nrfdfu as the Cargo runner:

[target.'cfg(all(target_arch = "arm", target_os = "none"))']
runner = "nrfdfu"