nodrop 0.1.14

A wrapper type to inhibit drop (destructor). ***Deprecated: Use ManuallyDrop or MaybeUninit instead!***


Recent Changes (nodrop)

- 0.1.14

  - Mark nodrop deprecated

    With the release of arrayvec 0.5, nodrop is unused.

    With the release of Rust 1.36 and MaybeUninit, nodrop has no
    purpose (but for older Rust releases).

- 0.1.13

  - Update to include license files in the crate by @ignatenkobrain

- 0.1.12

  - Remove dependency on crate odds.

- 0.1.11

  - Remove erronous assertion in test (#77)

- 0.1.10

  - Update for stable ``needs_drop`` (Rust 1.21, was nightly only)

- 0.1.9

  - Fix issue in recent nightly where ``repr(u8)`` did not work. Use
    a better way to get rid of the enum layout optimization.

- 0.1.8
  - Add crate feature ``use_union`` that uses untagged unions to implement NoDrop.
    Finally we have an implementation without hacks, without a runtime flag,
    and without an actual ``Drop`` impl (which was needed to suppress drop).
    The crate feature requires nightly and is unstable.

- 0.1.7

  - Remove crate feature ``no_drop_flag``, because it doesn't compile on nightly
    anymore. Drop flags are gone anyway!

- 0.1.6

  - Add feature std, which you can opt out of to use ``no_std``.

- 0.1.5

  - Added crate feature ``use_needs_drop`` which is a nightly-only
    optimization, which skips overwriting if the inner value does not need


Dual-licensed to be compatible with the Rust project.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 or the MIT license, at your
option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed
except according to those terms.