nflz 0.1.0

CLI + Library to add leading zeros to ascending numbered file names. NFLZ stands for Numbered Files Leading zeros.

nflz - Numbered Filenames With Leading Zeros - CLI + Library

nflz is a CLI-Tool + library that helps you to add leading zeros to numbered filenames in ascending order.

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What it does

Content of some directory:

paris (1).png   =>  paris (01).png
paris (2).png   =>  paris (02).png
paris (12).png  =>  paris (12).png
paris (n).png   =>  n digits => indicator for how many zeros to add 

Install / use

Rust library


nflz = "<latest-version>"

CLI tool

$ cargo install nflz

How it works

It either works in pwd (present working dir) or in the directory passed as the first argument.

$ nflz
$ nflz <absolute or relative path to dir>

nflz asks you for confirmation before it does any changes to your file system!


If you select multiple files in Windows Explorer and rename them to the same name, Windows automatically numbers all files for you. The downside is that there are no leading zeros. Other programs than Windows, e.g. Google Drive, can't order the files properly without the leading zeros. Here comes my CLI into the game!