neon 0.9.1

A safe abstraction layer for Node.js.

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Rust bindings for writing safe and fast native Node.js modules.

Getting started

Once you have the platform dependencies installed, getting started is as simple as:

$ npm init neon my-project

Then see the Hello World guide for writing your first Hello World in Neon!

Note: This will create a new project with the napi-backend and some documentation may not be up to date.


See our Neon fundamentals docs and our API docs.

N-API Migration Guide

We've ported Neon to a new backend based on N-API, which will be the basis for Neon 1.0.

Read the new migration guide to learn how to port your Neon projects to N-API!

Platform Support

Operating Systems

Linux macOS Windows


Node 12 Node 14 Node 16

Support for LTS versions of Node and current are expected. If you're using a different version of Node and believe it should be supported, let us know.


Neon supports Rust stable version 1.18 and higher. We test on the latest stable, beta, and nightly versions of Rust.

A Taste...

fn make_an_array(mut cx: FunctionContext) -> JsResult<JsArray> {
    // Create some values:
    let n = cx.number(9000);
    let s = cx.string("hello");
    let b = cx.boolean(true);

    // Create a new array:
    let array: Handle<JsArray> = cx.empty_array();

    // Push the values into the array:
    array.set(&mut cx, 0, n)?;
    array.set(&mut cx, 1, s)?;
    array.set(&mut cx, 2, b)?;

    // Return the array:

register_module!(mut cx, {
    cx.export_function("makeAnArray", make_an_array)

For more examples, see our examples repo.

Get Involved

The Neon community is just getting started and there's tons of fun to be had. Come play! :)

The Rust Bindings community Slack is open to all; use the Slackin app to receive an invitation.


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