ndarray-rand 0.14.0

Constructors for randomized arrays. `rand` integration for `ndarray`.


Constructors for randomized arrays: rand's integration with ndarray.


Generate a 2-dimensional array with shape (2,5) and elements drawn from a uniform distribution over the (0., 10.) interval:

use ndarray::Array;
use ndarray_rand::RandomExt;
use ndarray_rand::rand_distr::Uniform;

fn main() {
    let a = Array::random((2, 5), Uniform::new(0., 10.));
    println!("{:8.4}", a);
    // Example Output:
    // [[  8.6900,   6.9824,   3.8922,   6.5861,   2.4890],
    //  [  0.0914,   5.5186,   5.8135,   5.2361,   3.1879]]


ndarray-rand depends on rand.

rand and rand-distr are re-exported as sub-modules, ndarray_rand::rand and ndarray_rand::rand_distr respectively. Please rely on these submodules for guaranteed version compatibility.

If you want to use a random number generator or distribution from another crate with ndarray-rand, you need to make sure that the other crate also depends on the same version of rand. Otherwise, the compiler may return errors saying that the items are not compatible (e.g. that a type doesn't implement a necessary trait).

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