mpg 0.0.0

Squatted crate for a Modern Parser Generator
Squatted crate for a [Modern Parser Generator](

Contact @CAD97 if you want to collaborate on development of this tool.
Solo development will happen when they find time and motivation concurrently.

Until then, check out [tree-sitter](

Namely, inspired by matklad's post, mpg will provide

## UX

Tooling designed IDE-first.

- Interactive development. Provide example inputs while editing the grammar and immediately see the resulting syntax trees.
- Inline snapshot tests. Example productions listed next to the defining rules are automatically tested with the resulting syntax trees tracked in version control.
- Full LSP support.

## API

- Designed to be used on top of a separate lexer.
- Supports pull-lexing with principled lexical feedback.
- Prefers pre-lexing with replayable incremental reparsing.
- Produces a homogeneous literal syntax tree.
- Provides an optional typed view of the literal syntax tree.
- Embeddable anywhere via a C API.

## Parsing Techniques

- Specify operator precedence and associativity directly.
- Strong error tolerance/recovery via follow sets and explicit recovery points.
- Choose your tradeoffs:
  - Guaranteed determinism at a cost of generality.
  - Full generality at the cost of ambiguity.

Quality of incorrect syntax error messages is a non-priority left to the user.