more-asserts 0.2.2

Small library providing additional assert_* and debug_assert_* macros.

More Asserts (for Rust).


Small library providing assertion macros similar to the {debug_,}assert_{eq,ne} macros in the stdlib.


  1. Add more-asserts = "0.2" to your Cargo.toml.
  2. Add #[macro_use] extern crate more_asserts to your code.

After this, the following macros are available in your code (see the documentation for more info):

  • assert_lt!(left, right): Panics if !(left < right). Optionally can take format arguments
  • assert_gt!(left, right): Panics if !(left > right).
  • assert_le!(left, right): Panics if !(left <= right).
  • assert_ge!(left, right): Panics if !(left >= right).
  • debug_assert_lt!(left, right): Variant of assert_lt! controlled by cfg!(debug_assertions).
  • debug_assert_gt!(left, right): Variant of assert_gt! controlled by cfg!(debug_assertions).
  • debug_assert_le!(left, right): Variant of assert_le! controlled by cfg!(debug_assertions).
  • debug_assert_ge!(left, right): Variant of assert_ge! controlled by cfg!(debug_assertions).
  • debug_unreachable!(...): Variant of the standard library's unreachable! that is controlled by cfg!(debug_assertations).

Note that assert_eq!, assert_ne!, debug_assert_eq!, and debug_assert_ne! are not provided, as those are in the standard library.


CC0 (public domain).