mlem-asm 0.1.0

An assembler for the MLeM virtual machine.

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This crate provides an assembler for the MLeM virtual machine. It assembles codes like this:

; a simple program that prints some ASCII characters
; from space to tilde
move L:96  R:R7     ; 0 Set the counter
move L:31  R:R0     ; 1 Set the initial value to output
add R:R0 L:1        ; 2 Increment the value to output
output R:R0         ; 3 Output that value
sub R:R7 L:1        ; 4 Update the counter
jnz L:2 R:R7        ; 5 Loop if the counter is not 0
halt                ; 6 Allow the program to complete successfully

This is, in fact, the contents of test.asm. The provided front-end in the examples directory can be used to assemble and run this program, thus:

14:38:41: leo [~/Projects/mlem-asm]
$ cargo run --example mlem-asm r ~/Projects/mlem-asm/test.asm
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.0 secs
     Running `target/debug/examples/mlem-asm r /home/leo/Projects/mlem-asm/test.asm`