mio 0.7.11

Lightweight non-blocking IO
# 0.7.11

## Fixes

* Fix missing feature of winapi.

# 0.7.10

## Fixes

* Fix an instance of not doc(cfg(.*))

## Fixes

* Fix error handling in `NamedPipe::write`
* Use `accept(2)` on x86 Android instead of `accept4(2)`
* Improve error message when opening AFD device

# 0.7.8

## Fixes

* Fix `TcpStream::set_linger` on macOS
* Fix compilation on DragonFlyBSD

# 0.7.7

## Added

* `UdpSocket::only_v6`
* `Clone` implementation for `Event`
* `AsRawFd` implementation for `Registry`
* `Read` and `Write` implementation for `&unix::pipe::Sender` and `Receiver`,
  that is on the reference to them, an implementation existed on the types
  themselves already

## Fixes

* Underflow in `SocketAddr::address`
* Android build with the net feature enabled, but with os-poll disabled
* Solaris build with the net feature enabled, but with os-poll disabled
* Ensure that `Waker::wake` works on illumos systems with poor `pipe(2)` and
  `epoll(2)` interaction using `EPOLLET`
* Fix `unix::pipe` on illumos

# 0.7.6

## Added

* `net` feature, replaces `tcp`, `udp` and `uds` features
* `os-ext` feature, replaces `os-util` and `pipe` features
* Added keepalive support to `TcpSocket`
* `TcpSocket::set_{send, recv}_buffer_size`
* `TcpSocket::get_linger`
* Implement `IntoRawFd` for `TcpSocket`

## Deprecated

* The `tcp`, `udp` and `uds` features, replaced by a new `net` feature.
* The `extra-docs` feature, now enabled by default.
* The `os-util` and `pipe` features, replaced by a new `os-ext` feature.

## Fixes

* Incorrect assumption of the layout of `std::net::SocketAddr`. Previously Mio
  would assume that `SocketAddrV{4,6}` had the same layout as
  `libc::sockaddr_in(6)`, however this is not guaranteed by the standard
* Also bumped the miow dependency to version 0.3.6 to solve the same problem as

# 0.7.5

## Added

* `TcpSocket::get_localaddr()` retrieves local address
* `TcpSocket::set_reuseport()` & `TcpSocket::get_reuseport()` configures and reads `SO_REUSEPORT`
* `unix:pipe()` a wrapper around pipe(2) sys call
* Add a check that a single Waker is active per Poll instance (only in debug mode)
* Added `Interest:remove()`

# 0.7.4

## Fixes

* lost "socket closed" events on windows

## Added

* `TcpSocket::set_linger()` configures SO_LINGER

# 0.7.3

## Added

* `TcpSocket` for configuring a TCP socket before connecting or listening

# 0.7.2

## Added

* Windows named pipe support.

# 0.7.1

## Reduced support for 32-bit Apple targets

In January 2020 Rust reduced its support for 32-bit Apple targets
Starting with v0.7.1 Mio will do the same as we're no longer checking 32 bit
iOS/macOS on our CI.

## Added

* Support for illumos
* Report `epoll(2)`'s `EPOLLERR` event as `Event::is_write_closed` if it's the
  only event
* Optimised event::Iter::{size_hint, count}

## Fixed

* Work around Linux kernel < 2.6.37 bug on 32-bits making timeouts longer then
  ~30 minutes effectively infinite
* Set `SO_NOSIGPIPE` on all sockets (not just UDP) on for Apple targets
* Properly handle `POLL_ABORT` on Windows
* Improved error handling around failing `SIO_BASE_HANDLE` calls on Windows

## Changed

* On NetBSD we now use `accept4(2)`
* The package uploaded to crates.io should be slightly smaller

## Removed

* Dependency on `lazy_static` on Windows

# 0.7.0

Version 0.7 of Mio contains various major changes compared to version 0.6.
Overall a large number of API changes have been made to reduce the complexity of
the implementation and remove overhead where possible.

Please refer to the [blog post about
0.7-alpha.1](https://tokio.rs/blog/2019-12-mio-v0.7-alpha.1/) for additional

## Added

* `Interest` structure that replaces `Ready` in registering event sources.
* `Registry` structure that separates the registering and polling functionality.
* `Waker` structure that allows another thread to wake a thread polling `Poll`.
* Unix Domain Socket (UDS) types: `UnixDatagram`, `UnixListener` and

## Removed

* All code deprecated in 0.6 was removed in 0.7.
* Support for Fuchsia was removed as the code was unmaintained.
* Support for Bitrig was removed, rustc dropped support for it also.
* `UnixReady` was merged into `Ready`.
* Custom user-space readiness queue was removed, this includes the public
  `Registration` and `SetReadiness` types.
* `PollOpt` was removed and all registrations use edge-triggers. See the upgrade
  guide on how to process event using edge-triggers.
* The network types (types in the `net` module) now support only the same API as
  found in the standard library, various methods on the types were removed.
* `TcpStream` now supports vectored I/O.
* `Poll::poll_interruptible` was removed. Instead `Poll::poll` will now return
  an error if one occurs.
* `From<usize>` is removed from `Token`, the internal field is still public, so
  `Token(my_token)` can still be used.

## Changed

* Various documentation improvements were made around correct usage of `Poll`
  and registered event sources. It is recommended to reread the documentation of
  at least `event::Source` and `Poll`.
* Mio now uses Rust 2018 and rustfmt for all code.
* `Event` was changed to be a wrapper around the OS event. This means it can be
  significantly larger on some OSes.
* `Ready` was removed and replaced with various `is_*` methods on `Event`. For
  example instead checking for readable readiness using
  `Event::ready().is_readable()`, you would call `Event::is_readable()`.
* `Ready::is_hup` was removed in favour of `Event::is_read_closed` and
* The Iterator implementation of `Events` was changed to return `&Event`.
* `Evented` was renamed to `event::Source` and now takes mutable reference to
  the source.
* Minimum supported Rust version was increased to 1.39.
* By default Mio now uses a shim implementation. To enable the full
  implementation, that uses the OS, enable the `os-oll` feature. To enable the
  network types use `tcp`, `udp` and/or `uds`. For more documentation on the
  features see the `feature` module in the API documentation (requires the
  `extra-docs` feature).
* The entire Windows implementation was rewritten.
* Various optimisation were made to reduce the number of system calls in
  creating and using sockets, e.g. making use of `accept4(2)`.
* The `fmt::Debug` implementation of `Events` is now actually useful as it
  prints all `Event`s.

# 0.6.23 (Dec 01, 2020)

### Changed
- **MSRV**: Increased the MSRV from 1.18.0 (Jun 8, 2017) to 1.31.0 (Dec 6,

### Fixed
- Work around Linux kernel < 2.6.37 bug on 32-bits making timeouts longer then
  ~30 minutes effectively infinite
- Update miow and net2 depedencies to get rid of invalid memory layout assumption

# 0.6.22 (May 01, 2020)

### Added
- Add support for illumos target (#1294)

# 0.6.21 (November 27, 2019)

### Fixed
- remove `=` dependency on `cfg-if`.

# 0.6.20 (November 21, 2019)

### Fixed
- Use default IOCP concurrency value (#1161).
- setting FD_CLOEXEC in pipe (#1095).

# 0.6.19 (May 28, 2018)

### Fixed
- Do not trigger HUP events on kqueue platforms (#958).

# 0.6.18 (May 24, 2018)

### Fixed
- Fix compilation on kqueue platforms with 32bit C long (#948).

# 0.6.17 (May 15, 2018)

### Fixed
- Don't report `RDHUP` as `HUP` (#939)
- Fix lazycell related compilation issues.
- Fix EPOLLPRI conflicting with READABLE
- Abort process on ref count overflows

### Added
- Define PRI on all targets

# 0.6.16 (September 5, 2018)

* Add EPOLLPRI readiness to UnixReady on supported platforms (#867)
* Reduce spurious awaken calls (#875)

# 0.6.15 (July 3, 2018)

* Implement `Evented` for containers (#840).
* Fix android-aarch64 build (#850).

# 0.6.14 (March 8, 2018)

* Add `Poll::poll_interruptible` (#811)
* Add `Ready::all` and `usize` conversions (#825)

# 0.6.13 (February 5, 2018)

* Fix build on DragonFlyBSD.
* Add `TcpListener::from_std` that does not require the socket addr.
* Deprecate `TcpListener::from_listener` in favor of from_std.

# 0.6.12 (January 5, 2018)

* Add `TcpStream::peek` function (#773).
* Raise minimum Rust version to 1.18.0.
* `Poll`: retry select() when interrupted by a signal (#742).
* Deprecate `Events` index access (#713).
* Add `Events::clear` (#782).
* Add support for `lio_listio` (#780).

# 0.6.11 (October 25, 2017)

* Allow register to take empty interest (#640).
* Fix bug with TCP errors on windows (#725).
* Add TcpListener::accept_std (#733).
* Update IoVec to fix soundness bug -- includes behavior change. (#747).
* Minimum Rust version is now 1.14.0.
* Fix Android x86_64 build.
* Misc API & doc polish.

# 0.6.10 (July 27, 2017)

* Experimental support for Fuchsia
* Add `only_v6` option for UDP sockets
* Fix build on NetBSD
* Minimum Rust version is now 1.13.0
* Assignment operators (e.g. `|=`) are now implemented for `Ready`

# 0.6.9 (June 7, 2017)

* More socket options are exposed through the TCP types, brought in through the
  `net2` crate.

# 0.6.8 (May 26, 2017)

* Support Fuchia
* POSIX AIO support
* Fix memory leak caused by Register::new2
* Windows: fix handling failed TCP connections
* Fix build on aarch64-linux-android
* Fix usage of `O_CLOEXEC` with `SETFL`

# 0.6.7 (April 27, 2017)

* Ignore EPIPE coming out of `kevent`
* Timer thread should exit when timer is dropped.

# 0.6.6 (March 22, 2017)

* Add send(), recv() and connect() to UDPSocket.
* Fix bug in custom readiness queue
* Move net types into `net` module

# 0.6.5 (March 14, 2017)

* Misc improvements to kqueue bindings
* Add official support for iOS, Android, BSD
* Reimplement custom readiness queue
* `Poll` is now `Sync`
* Officially deprecate non-core functionality (timers, channel, etc...)
* `Registration` now implements `Evented`
* Fix bug around error conditions with `connect` on windows.
* Use iovec crate for scatter / gather operations
* Only support readable and writable readiness on all platforms
* Expose additional readiness in a platform specific capacity

# 0.6.4 (January 24, 2017)

* Fix compilation on musl
* Add `TcpStream::from_stream` which converts a std TCP stream to Mio.

# 0.6.3 (January 22, 2017)

* Implement readv/writev for `TcpStream`, allowing vectored reads/writes to
  work across platforms
* Remove `nix` dependency
* Implement `Display` and `Error` for some channel error types.
* Optimize TCP on Windows through `SetFileCompletionNotificationModes`

# 0.6.2 (December 18, 2016)

* Allow registration of custom handles on Windows (like `EventedFd` on Unix)
* Send only one byte for the awakener on Unix instead of four
* Fix a bug in the timer implementation which caused an infinite loop

# 0.6.1 (October 30, 2016)

* Update dependency of `libc` to 0.2.16
* Fix channel `dec` logic
* Fix a timer bug around timeout cancellation
* Don't allocate buffers for TCP reads on Windows
* Touched up documentation in a few places
* Fix an infinite looping timer thread on OSX
* Fix compile on 32-bit OSX
* Fix compile on FreeBSD

# 0.6.0 (September 2, 2016)

* Shift primary API towards `Poll`
* `EventLoop` and types to `deprecated` mod. All contents of the
  `deprecated` mod will be removed by Mio 1.0.
* Increase minimum supported Rust version to 1.9.0
* Deprecate unix domain socket implementation in favor of using a
  version external to Mio. For example: https://github.com/alexcrichton/mio-uds.
* Remove various types now included in `std`
* Updated TCP & UDP APIs to match the versions in `std`
* Enable implementing `Evented` for any type via `Registration`
* Rename `IoEvent` -> `Event`
* Access `Event` data via functions vs. public fields.
* Expose `Events` as a public type that is passed into `Poll`
* Use `std::time::Duration` for all APIs that require a time duration.
* Polled events are now retrieved via `Events` type.
* Implement `std::error::Error` for `TimerError`
* Relax `Send` bound on notify messages.
* Remove `Clone` impl for `Timeout` (future proof)
* Remove `mio::prelude`
* Remove `mio::util`
* Remove dependency on bytes

# 0.5.0 (December 3, 2015)

* Windows support (#239)
* NetBSD support (#306)
* Android support (#295)
* Don't re-export bytes types
* Renamed `EventLoop::register_opt` to `EventLoop::register` (#257)
* `EventLoopConfig` is now a builder instead of having public struct fields. It
  is also no longer `Copy`. (#259)
* `TcpSocket` is no longer exported in the public API (#262)
* Integrate with net2. (#262)
* `TcpListener` now returns the remote peer address from `accept` as well (#275)
* The `UdpSocket::{send_to, recv_from}` methods are no longer generic over `Buf`
  or `MutBuf` but instead take slices directly. The return types have also been
  updated to return the number of bytes transferred. (#260)
* Fix bug with kqueue where an error on registration prevented the
  changelist from getting flushed (#276)
* Support sending/receiving FDs over UNIX sockets (#291)
* Mio's socket types are permanently associated with an EventLoop (#308)
* Reduce unnecessary poll wakeups (#314)

# 0.4.1 (July 21, 2015)

* [BUGFIX] Fix notify channel concurrency bug (#216)

# 0.4.0 (July 16, 2015)

* [BUGFIX] EventLoop::register requests all events, not just readable.
* [BUGFIX] Attempting to send a message to a shutdown event loop fails correctly.
* [FEATURE] Expose TCP shutdown
* [IMPROVEMENT] Coalesce readable & writable into `ready` event (#184)
* [IMPROVEMENT] Rename TryRead & TryWrite function names to avoid conflict with std.
* [IMPROVEMENT] Provide TCP and UDP types in Mio (path to windows #155)
* [IMPROVEMENT] Use clock_ticks crate instead of time (path to windows #155)
* [IMPROVEMENT] Move unix specific features into mio::unix module
* [IMPROVEMENT] TcpListener sets SO_REUSEADDR by default