mio-named-pipes 0.1.6

Windows named pipe bindings for mio.


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A library for integrating Windows Named Pipes with mio.

# Cargo.toml
mio-named-pipes = "0.6"
mio = "0.6"


The primary type, NamedPipe, can be constructed with NamedPipe::new or through the IntoRawHandle type. All operations on NamedPipe are nonblocking and will return an I/O error if they'd block (with the error indicating so).

Typically you can use a NamedPipe in the same way you would a TCP socket on Windows with mio.

Note: Named pipes on Windows do not have a zero-cost abstraction when working with the mio interface (readiness, not completion). As a result, this library internally has some buffer management that hasn't been optimized yet. It's recommended you benchmark this library for your application, and feel free to contact me if anything looks awry.


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