minitt 0.1.0

Mini-TT, a dependently-typed lambda calculus, implementated in Rust

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Rust implementation of Mini-TT, a simple dependently-typed lambda calculus. It can be used as a core language for complicated dependently-typed programming languages, or used for testing the correctness of translation algorithms.

I'm trying my best to use complete and meaningful namings. I'm also doing a general clean-up of the Haskell implementation and comment the functions with their counterparts' names in the Haskell implementation so people don't get confused when they read the paper while reading this implementation.

Mini-TT Paper


  • Everything that the Haskell implementation has
    • Use Vec for declaration list instead of functional immutable list
    • Use Vec for telescope instead of functional immutable list
    • Use BTreeMap for branch/case tree so we become flexible on case order
  • Parser as a cargo feature
  • AST pretty-printer as a cargo feature