metrics 0.9.1

high-speed metrics collection library


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metrics is a high-quality, batteries-included metrics library for Rust.

code of conduct

NOTE: All conversations and contributions to this project shall adhere to the Code of Conduct.

caveat emptor

This crate is currently materializing! We are in the process of switching over hotmic to metrics after successfully acquiring ownership of the metrics crate on!

We apologize for the README/documentation that will reference things that don't exist yet until the switchover is complete. Thank you for your understanding!

general features

  • Provides counter, gauge, and histogram support.
  • Access to ultra-high-speed timing facilities out-of-the-box with quanta.
  • Scoped metrics for effortless nesting.
  • Speed and API ergonomics allow for usage in both synchronous and asynchronous contexts.
  • Based on metrics-core for bring-your-own-collector/bring-your-own-exporter flexibility!


High. Tens of millions of metrics per second with metric ingest times at sub-200ns p99 on modern systems.