lubeck 0.0.0-prealpha.5-abandoned

Functional programming framework written in cutting edge rust
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# Update 

There is another crate out in the wild which is called [higher]( It does a lot of the things that I wanted to do here with the lubeck crate. I figured, that it would be better for the community to only have one such crate in active development so I'm just going to link to it here and abandon the development of this crate. This doesn't mean however, that the book goal is abandoned aswell.

# Goals
This repository tries to continue the work started in
[JasonShin's]( crate

~~The goal of this repository is to make concepts from functional languages like Haskell available in Rust in form of a library while keeping them as easy-to-use as possible.~~

A secondary goal is the creation of an accompanying book. This book will not
only document the library and its components but at the same serves as a
learning resource. It is meant to be used by people who want to get their feet
wet with functional programming in general and have no prior experience.

# Similar crates 

Best by far: 
- [higher]

While searching for similar crates I stumbled upon these honorable mentions
(which seem to be unmaintained unfortunately):

- []
- [haskell_bits]
- [frunk]
- [functional]

# Other sources 

- [Rust Monads]
- [Typeclassopedia]