libinjection 0.2.2

Rust bindings for libinjection failed to build libinjection-0.2.2
Please check the build logs for more information.
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Visit the last successful build: libinjection-0.1.1

libinjection-rs Documentation Build Status

Rust bindings for libinjection.

How to use

  • Add libinjection to dependencies of Cargo.toml:
libinjection = "0.2"
  • Import crate:
extern crate libinjection;

use libinjection::{sqli, xss};


  • SQLi Detection:
let (is_sqli, fingerprint) = sqli("' OR '1'='1' --").unwrap();
assert_eq!("s&sos", fingerprint);

Fingerprints: Please refer to fingerprints.txt.

  • XSS Detection:
let is_xss = xss("<script type='text/javascript'>alert('xss');</script>").unwrap();