libftdi1-source-lgpl 1.5.0

libFTDI source code bundle for libftdi1-sys (internal use only)

Internal use only!

This crate provides the LGPL source of libftdi for libftdi1-sys[vendored]. If your dependency tree includes this crate, your final binary likely includes LGPL-licensed code. If you're not sure whether that's acceptable for your use case, please consult your lawyer.

The only reason this is a separate crate is to provide correct licensing metadata because libftdi1-sys is permissively licensed, while the vendored source is LGPL. You should not depend on it directly.

Version X.Y.Z of this crate is interpreted as "libftdi X.Y, crate revision Z". As a result, it may not follow SemVer if libftdi ever breaks it. Thus libftdi1-sys uses strict version dependencies like =1.4.0.

Note that the repository refers to the libftdi repository as a submodule, and that repository contains code under multiple licenses including GPL. The crate package, however, takes care to include only LGPL components.