libffi 0.7.0

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libffi-rs: Rust bindings for libffi

Build Status License: MIT License: Apache 2.0

The C libffi library provides two main facilities: assembling calls to functions dynamically, and creating closures that can be called as ordinary C functions. In Rust, the latter means that we can turn a Rust lambda (or any object implementing Fn/FnMut) into an ordinary C function pointer that we can pass as a callback to C.


Building libffi will build lifbffi-sys, which will in turn build the libffi C library from github, which requires that you have a working make, C compiler, automake, autoconf, and texinfo first. It’s on, so you can add

libffi = "0.7.0"

to your Cargo.toml and

extern crate libffi;

to your crate root.

This crate supports Rust version 1.31 and later.


In this example, we convert a Rust lambda containing a free variable into an ordinary C code pointer. The type of fun below is extern "C" fn(u64, u64) -> u64.

use libffi::high::Closure2;

let x = 5u64;
let f = |y: u64, z: u64| x + y + z;

let closure = Closure2::new(&f);
let fun     = closure.code_ptr();

assert_eq!(18, fun(6, 7));