lazycell 1.3.0

A library providing a lazily filled Cell struct
# lazycell

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Rust library providing a lazily filled Cell.

# Table of Contents

* [Usage](#usage)
* [Contributing](#contributing)
* [Credits](#credits)
* [License](#license)

## Usage

Add the following to your `Cargo.toml`:

lazycell = "1.3"

And in your `` or ``:

extern crate lazycell;

See the [API docs][api-docs] for information on using the crate in your library.

## Contributing

Contributions are always welcome!
If you have an idea for something to add (code, documentation, tests, examples,
etc.) feel free to give it a shot.

Please read [][contributing] before you start contributing.

## Credits

The LazyCell library is based originally on work by The Rust Project Developers
for the project [][crates-io-repo].

The list of contributors to this project can be found at

## License

LazyCell is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache
License (Version 2.0).

See [LICENSE-APACHE][license-apache], and [LICENSE-MIT][license-mit] for details.

[contributing]: "Contribution Guide"
[contributors]: "List of Contributors"
[crates-io-repo]: "rust-lang/ Source code for"
[license-apache]: "Apache-2.0 License"
[license-mit]: "MIT License"