kontrolluppgift 0.7.0

A library for dealing with Skatteverkets data format for Kontrolluppgift

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This is a rust library containing the types defined in the xml format defined by skatteverket known as "Kontrolluppgift"

The specification

The specification for this is maintained by Skatteverket We aim to target only the newest version of the specification

Development status

This crate is still to be considered in early development, none of the types are stable, With this being said, the current status of implemtation of the "Kontrolluppgift" variants is:

  • KU10
  • KU13
  • KU14
  • KU16
  • KU17
  • KU18
  • KU19
  • KU20
  • KU21
  • KU25
  • KU26
  • KU28
  • KU30
  • KU31
  • KU32
  • KU34
  • KU35
  • KU40
  • KU41
  • KU50
  • KU52
  • KU53
  • KU55
  • KU65
  • KU66
  • KU68
  • KU70
  • KU71
  • KU72
  • KU73
  • KU80
  • KU81


Contributions are welcome.

  • field names should be kept to the extent possible, even tho they are defined in swedish.