koibumi-daemon 0.0.0

An experimental Bitmessage client daemon
koibumi-daemon-0.0.0 is not a library.

Koibumi daemon

Koibumi daemon is an experimental Bitmessage client daemon. Note that Koibumi daemon is NOT an official project of The Bitmessage Developers.


Koibumi daemon can connect to the Bitmessage network and relay Bitmessage objects.

Currently, this client is limited to relay only mode. User messages can not be written or read.

Additionaly, network connections are limited to via Tor only. You need a Tor SOCKS5 proxy running at localhost. Although the client can also connect to Clearnet, DNS bootstrapping is not implemented yet.

Currently, all data are stored on memory, not persistent.

It does not have any GUI. If you need a GUI, use koibumi instead.

Currently, no configuration can be performed.


To install the Koibumi Bitmessage client daemon, issue the command:

cargo install koibumi-daemon

Then, run koibumi-daemon command.

This client is experimental and under development, so many debug logs are printed on the console.