iso3166-3 0.1.0

ISO 3166-3 data.

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Rust crate for ISO 3166-3 data.

ISO 3166-3

ISO 3166-3 is part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and defines codes for country names which have been deleted from ISO 3166-1 since its first publication in 1974.

-- Wikipedia


Add the following dependency to your Cargo.toml:

iso3166_3 = "*"

And include it in your project:

extern crate iso3166_3;


Retrieve all former country codes:

extern crate iso3166_3;

fn main() {
    let countries = iso3166_3::all().unwrap();

Or retrieve a former country code by its ISO 3166-3 four-character code:

    let country = iso3166_3::code("ZRCD").unwrap();

Retrieve a vector of former country codes by a range of when the code was valid:

    // Codes valid from years 1974-1990.
    iso3166_3::validity(Some(1974), Some(1990));

    // Codes valid from years 1990 onward to infinity:
    iso3166_3::validity(Some(1990), None);

    // Codes valid until 1998 and prior:
    iso3166_3::validity(None, Some(1998));


License info in Long story short, ISC.