irust 0.7.14

Cross Platform Rust Repl
irust-0.7.14 is not a library.


Cross Platform Rust Repl

Keywords / Tips & Tricks

:help => print help

:reset => reset repl

:show => show repl current code (optionally depends on rustfmt to format output)

:add <dep_list> => add dependencies (requires cargo-edit)

:type => shows the expression type, example :type vec!(5)

:load => load a rust script into the repl

:pop => remove last repl code line

:del <line_num> => remove a specific line from repl code (line count starts at 1 from the first expression statement)

:edit <editor> => edit internal buffer using an external editor, example: :edit micro, currently it has some limitations mainly everthing should be defined in the main function (structs, enum, etc..)

:: => run a shell command, example ::ls

You can use arrow keys to cycle through commands history


ctrl-l clear screen

ctrl-c clear line

ctrl-d exit if buffer is empty

ctrl-z [unix only] send IRust to the background

ctrl-left/right jump through words

HOME/END go to line start / line end

Tab/ShiftTab cycle through auto-completion suggestions (requires racer)

Alt-Enter add line break

Cli commands

--help prints help message

--reset-config reset IRust configuration to default


IRust config file is located in:

Linux: /home/$USER/.config/irust/config

Win: C:\Users\$USER\AppData\Roaming/irust/config

Mac: /Users/$USER/Library/Preferences/irust/config

default config:

add_irust_cmd_to_history = false
add_shell_cmd_to_history = false

enable_racer = true
racer_inline_suggestion_color = Cyan
racer_suggestions_table_color = Green
racer_selected_suggestion_color = DarkRed
racer_max_suggestions = 5

insert_color = White
input_color = Yellow
out_color = Red
ok_color = Blue
eval_color = White
irust_color = DarkBlue
irust_warn_color = Cyan
shell_color = DarkYellow
err_color = DarkRed

welcome_msg = Welcome to IRust
welcome_color = DarkBlue