incdir 1.0.0

Compile-time including of directories.
# incdir

Compile-time including of directories.

This crate works in a similar fashion as the `include_bytes!` macro in Rust, except it includes
a whole directory and stores them in a perfect hash function map from the [phf]( crate.  
For cross-platform consistency, backslashes in paths stored in the map are replaced with forward slashes.

All pathnames in the directory processed by the `include_dir!` macro must be valid UTF-8.

## Usage
incdir = "1.0.0"
phf = { version = "*", features = ["macros"] }

use phf::Map;

static TEXTURES: Map<&'static str, &'static [u8]> = incdir::include_dir!("textures");

fn main() {
    // The file is stored in "files/player.png", the directory prefix is stripped in the map.
    let player = TEXTURES.get("player.png").unwrap();
    // Stored in "textures/world/grass.png".
    let grass = TEXTURES.get("world/grass.png").unwrap()

## License