imgui 0.0.5

Experimental bindings to ocornut/imgui

imgui-rs: Rust bindings for ImGui

Ultra hyper turbo cyber mega extra ├╝ber experimental!!!

Hello world

    .name(im_str!("Hello world"))
    .size((300.0, 100.0), ImGuiSetCond_FirstUseEver)
    .build(|| {
        ui.text(im_str!("Hello world!"));
        let mouse_pos = ui.imgui().mouse_pos();
        ui.text(im_str!("Mouse Position: ({:.1},{:.1})", mouse_pos.0, mouse_pos.1));

Currently implemented things

  • Low-level API (imgui-sys)
  • Renderer for easy integration with Glium projects (optional)
  • Parts of high-level API
  • Not horrible way of defining and passing null-terminated UTF-8 to ImGui
  • Parts of imgui_demo.cpp reimplemented in Rust as an API usage example (examples/

Important but unimplemented things

  • Documentation (rustdoc)
  • Support passing a custom Program to Glium renderer (e.g. from a shader cache, or custom shader)

Core design questions and current choices

  • Closures VS begin/end pairs (current choice: closures)
  • Mutable references VS return values (current choice: mutable references)
  • Passing around Ui<'ui> VS passing around &'ui Ui (current choice: Ui<'ui>)
  • Splitting the API to smaller pieces VS all draw calls in Ui (current choice: all draw calls in Ui)
  • Builder pattern for optional arguments VS something else (current choice: builder)
  • Mutation functions in builders VS self-consuming functions in builders (current choice: self-consuming)

Compiling and running the demos

git clone
cd imgui-rs
git submodule update --init --recursive
cargo test



imgui-rs is licensed under the MIT license.

Uses ImGui and cimgui.