hyperscan 0.1.8

Hyperscan bindings for Rust with Multiple Pattern and Streaming Scan
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Hyperscan is a high-performance regular expression matching library.


extern crate hyperscan;

use hyperscan::*;

fn callback(id: u32, from: u64, to: u64, flags: u32, _: &BlockDatabase) -> u32 {
assert_eq!(id, 0);
assert_eq!(from, 5);
assert_eq!(to, 9);
assert_eq!(flags, 0);

println!("found pattern #{} @ [{}, {})", id, from, to);


fn main() {
let pattern = &pattern!{"test", flags => HS_FLAG_CASELESS|HS_FLAG_SOM_LEFTMOST};
let db: BlockDatabase = pattern.build().unwrap();
let scratch = db.alloc().unwrap();

db.scan::<BlockDatabase>("some test data", 0, &scratch, Some(callback), Some(&db)).unwrap();