html5ever 0.1.0

High-performance browser-grade HTML5 parser
# html5ever directory structure

The module structure is also documented in the output produced by `cargo doc`, alongside individual functions etc.

`src/`: The main html5ever library crate.

`src/`: Provides the highest-level interfaces to the parser, i.e. "here's a string, give me a DOM"

`src/tokenizer/`: The first stage of HTML parsing, corresponding to WHATWG's [section 12.2.4 "Tokenization"](

`src/tree_builder/`: The second (and final) stage, corresponding to [section 12.2.5 "Tree Construction"](

`src/serialize/`: Turning trees back into strings. Corresponds to [section 12.3 "Serialising HTML fragments"](

`src/sink/`: Types that html5ever can use to represent the DOM, if you do not provide your own DOM implementation.

`macros/`: Rust syntax extensions used within html5ever.  Users of the library do not need this crate.

`capi/`: Implementation of the C API for html5ever (as yet incomplete)

`tests/`: Integration tests. This is a single executable crate that runs html5ever on the various [html5lib-tests]( There are also unit tests throughout the library code. See `` for information on running tests.

`bench/`: Benchmarks. Another executable crate.

`examples/`: Examples of using the library.  Each `.rs` file is an executable crate.

`data/`: Various data used in building and benchmarking the parser.