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holochain conductor library
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Holochain Conductor API

This crate is a library that provides types and functions that help with building a Holochain Conductor as described in ADR15.

Depending on the specific (application) use-case, the context in which a Holochain instance is run may vary drastically. Application developers may want to bundle Holochain with and statically link the core library into their custom made executable. In such a case, #holochain.rs may be used directly as a wrapper around a single instance.

In the general case, many different DNAs are being executed alongside each other in the context of the same agent, i.e. user. conductor.rs provides a struct that instantiates, holds, manages several Holochain instances. It makes use of config.rs which provides structs for conductor configuration that can be de-/serialized into config files like these.

All of the above is used in the conductor crate.


extern crate holochain_conductor_lib;
extern crate holochain_core_types;
extern crate structopt;

use holochain_conductor_lib::{
config::{load_configuration, Configuration},
use holochain_core_types::error::HolochainError;
use std::{fs::File, io::prelude::*, path::PathBuf, sync::Arc};
use structopt::StructOpt;

#[derive(StructOpt, Debug)]
#[structopt(name = "hcc")]
struct Opt {
/// Path to the toml configuration file for the conductor
#[structopt(short = "c", long = "config", parse(from_os_str))]
config: Option<PathBuf>,

let opt = Opt::from_args();
let config_path = opt.config
let config_path_str = config_path.to_str().unwrap();
println!("Using config path: {}", config_path_str);
match bootstrap_from_config(config_path_str) {
Ok(mut conductor) => {
if conductor.instances().len() > 0 {
"Successfully loaded {} instance configurations",
println!("Starting all of them...");
loop {}
} else {
println!("No instance started, bailing...");
Err(error) => println!("Error while trying to boot from config: {:?}", error),

fn bootstrap_from_config(path: &str) -> Result<Conductor, HolochainError> {
let config = load_config_file(&String::from(path))?;
.check_consistency(&mut Arc::new(Box::new(Conductor::load_dna)))
.map_err(|string| HolochainError::ConfigError(string))?;
let mut conductor = Conductor::from_config(config);

fn load_config_file(path: &String) -> Result<Configuration, HolochainError> {
let mut f = File::open(path)?;
let mut contents = String::new();
f.read_to_string(&mut contents)?;