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Hack.chat client library
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Hack.chat Library For Rust

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A client library for Hack.chat.

This library allows you to make custom clients and bots for Hack.chat using Rust.

Here's an example that connects to a channel and prints the chat logs to the console.

extern crate hackchat;
use hackchat::{ChatClient, ChatEvent};

fn main() {
    let mut conn = ChatClient::new("TestBot", "botDev"); //Connects to the ?botDev channel
    conn.start_ping_thread(); //Sends ping packets regularly

    for event in conn.iter() {
        match event {
            ChatEvent::Message(nick, message, trip_code) => {
                println!("<{}> {}", nick, message);
            ChatEvent::JoinRoom(nick) => {
                println!("{} joined the room", nick);
            _ => {}

Here's some example output from this code:

gkbrk joined the room
<gkbrk> Hey there!
<gkbrk> Testing... 1, 2, 3