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gpu_rand is the Rust CUDA Project's equivalent of cuRAND. cuRAND unfortunately does not work with the CUDA Driver API, therefore, we reimplement (and extend) some of its algorithms and provide them in this crate.

This crate is meant to be gpu-centric, which means it may special-case certain things to run faster on the GPU by using PTX assembly. However, it is supposed to also work on the CPU, allowing you to reuse the same random states across CPU and GPU.

A lot of the initial code is taken from the rust-random project and modified to make it able to pass to the GPU, as well as cleaning up certain things and updating it to edition 2021.

The random generators currently implemented are:


  • Xoroshiro64**
  • Xoroshiro64*
  • Xoroshiro128+
  • Xoroshiro128++
  • Xoroshiro128**


  • Xoroshiro128+

  • Xoroshiro128++

  • Xoroshiro128**

  • Xoroshiro256+

  • Xoroshiro256++

  • Xoroshiro256**

  • Xoroshiro512+

  • Xoroshiro512++

  • Xoroshiro512**

  • SplitMix64

We also provide a default 64-bit generator which should be more than enough for most applications. The default currently uses Xoroshiro128** but that is subject to change in the future.