glsl 0.7.1

A GLSL450 parser

GLL 450 parser

Build Status

This is a GLSL450 parser which aims is to parse a GLSL450-formatted source into an in-memory representation (AST). It strictly follows the grammar rules defined in the official GLSL 450 specifications.

Currently, the parser expects the input source to be &[u8], which provides a pretty poor experience in error reporting. This is a serious issue and is being worked on.

Hacking and contributing

If you wished to contribute, feel free to have a look at the open issues and submit a PR.

On a general note, if no issue interests you, you can open the file and look for a parser function which is annotated with documentation but private (no pub yet). If you find such a function, you can :

  1. add the pub keyword to make the parser available;
  2. add a set of tests in the tests/ folder.

The later point is actually mandatory as the crate won’t make it to its initial release untill all parsers that must be public have their associated tests.