gfx_window_glutin 0.30.0

Glutin window for gfx-rs


Glutin window backend for gfx-rs


Make sure you have the following in your Cargo.toml:

gfx_core = "0.9"
gfx_device_gl = "0.16"
gfx_window_glutin = "0.30.0"
glutin = "0.20"

Then, initialize gfx as follows:

extern crate gfx_core;
extern crate gfx_device_gl;
extern crate gfx_window_glutin;
extern crate glutin;

use gfx_core::format::{DepthStencil, Rgba8};

fn main() {
    let events_loop = glutin::EventsLoop::new();
    let window_builder = glutin::WindowBuilder::new().with_title("Example".to_owned());
    let context = glutin::ContextBuilder::new();
    let (window, device, factory, rtv, stv) =
        gfx_window_glutin::init::<Rgba8, DepthStencil>(window_builder, context, &events_loop);

    // your code