gauss-quad 0.1.4

Library for applying Gaussian quadrature to integrate a function
gauss-quad-0.1.4 is not a library.


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The gauss-quad crate is a small library to calculate integrals of the type


using Gaussian quadrature.

To use the crate, the desired quadrature rule has to be included in the program, e.g. for a Gauss-Legendre rule

 use gauss_quad::GaussLegendre;

The general call structure is to first initialize the n-point quadrature rule setting the degree n via

 let quad = QUADRATURE_RULE::init(n);

where QUADRATURE_RULE can currently be set to calculate either:

Midpoint equation
Simpson equation
GaussLegendre equation
GaussJacobi equation
GaussLaguerre equation
GaussHermite equation

For the quadrature rules that take an additional parameter, such as Gauss-Laguerre and Gauss-Jacobi, the parameters have to be added to the initialization, e.g.

 let quad = GaussLaguerre::init(n, alpha);

Then to calculate the integral of a function call

let integral = quad.integrate(a, b, f(x));

where a and b (both f64) are the integral bounds and the f(x) the integrand (fn(f64) -> f64). For example to integrate a parabola from 0..1 one can use a lambda expression as integrand and call:

let integral = quad.integrate(0.0, 1.0, |x| x*x);

If the integral is improper, as in the case of Gauss-Laguerre and Gauss-Hermite integrals, no integral bounds should be passed and the call simplifies to

let integral = quad.integrate(f(x));