fuzzy-matcher 0.2.0

Fuzzy Matching Library

Fuzzy Matcher

A fuzzy matching algorithm in Rust!


In your Cargo.toml add the following:

fuzzy_matcher = "*"

Here are some code example:

use fuzzy_matcher::{fuzzy_match, fuzzy_matcher};

assert_eq!(None, fuzzy_match("abc", "abx"));
assert!(fuzzy_match("axbycz", "abc").is_some());
assert!(fuzzy_match("axbycz", "xyz").is_some());

let (score, indices) = fuzzy_indices("axbycz", "abc").unwrap();
assert_eq!(indices, [0, 2, 4]);
  • fuzzy_match only return scores while fuzzy_indices returns the matching indices as well.
  • Both function return None if the pattern won't match.
  • The score is the higher the better.

More example

echo "axbycz" | cargo run --example "abc" and check what happens.

About the Algorithm

  • The algorithm is based on clangd's FuzzyMatch.cpp.
  • Also checkout https://github.com/lewang/flx/issues/98 for some variants.
  • The algorithm is O(mn) where m, n are the length of the pattern and input line.
  • Space complexity is O(mn) for fuzzy_indices and O(2n) for fuzzy_match which will compress the table for dynamic programming.