fundamentum-sdk-api 0.1.0

An easy to use SDK for connecting to Fundamentum IoT Core.

Fundamentum SDK API

Fundamentum's HTTP(API) SDK

Getting Started

To get started with the SDK, you'll need to install Rust. You can follow the instructions on the official Rust website: Install Rust.


use fundamentum_sdk_api::client::{config::Configuration, sdk_api::SdkApi};

async fn main() {
    let api_authorization_token = "api_token";
    let token_file_string = "{ placeholder: \"\" }";

    let token_file: TokenFile =
        serde_json::from_str(&token_file_string).expect("Wrong token file");

    let config = Configuration {
        api_token: Some(api_authorization_token),
        token_file: Some(token_file),

    let api = SdkApi::new(config);

Development setup

Please see the development setup guide.


Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0 LICENSE