finalfusion-utils 0.10.0

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finalfusion-utils-0.10.0 is not a library.

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finalfusion-utils is a Rust crate offering various functionalities to process and query embeddings. finalfusion-utils supports conversion between different formats, quantization of embedding matrices, similarity and analogy queries as well as evaluation on analogy datasets.


Installing finalfusion-utils requires a Rust toolchain with minimum version 1.32 which can be installed via rustup.

With a valid Rust toolchain, the crate is most easily installed through cargo:

$ cargo install finalfusion-utils

Building from source

finalfusion-utils can also be built from source, after cloning this repository execute the following command in the directory to find the exectuable under target/release/finalfusion:

$ cargo build --release


finalfusion-utils is built as a single binary, the different functionality is invoked through subcommands:

Converting embeddings

# Convert embeddings in fastText format to finalfusion
$ finalfusion convert -f fasttext -t finalfusion \
    embeddings.bin embeddings.fifu

# Convert embeddings in word2vec format to finalfusion
$ finalfusion convert -f word2vec -t finalfusion \
    embeddings.w2v embeddings.fifu

# Print help with all supported combinations:
$ finalfusion convert --help

Quantizing an embedding matrix

# Quantize embeddings in finalfusion format with a
# single attempt through product quantization 
$ finalfusion quantize -f finalfusion -q pq  -a 1 \

Analogy and similarity queries

# Get the 15 nearest neighbours of "Tübingen" for
# embeddings in finalfusion format.
$ finalfusion similar -f finalfusion -k 15 \

# Get the 5 best answers for the analogy query
# "Berlin" is to "Deutschland" as "Amsterdam" to:
$ finalfusion analogy -f finalfusion -k 5 \
    Berlin Deutschland Amsterdam embeddings.fifu

Evaluation on analogy datasets

# Evaluate embeddings on some analogy dataset
$ finalfusion compute-accuracy embeddings.fifu \

Dump metadata

# Dump optionally stored metadata and store in
# metadata.txt, only supported for finalfusion
# format
$ finalfusion metadata embeddings.fifu \
    > metadata.txt

Print completion script

# Print completion script for zsh
$ finalfusion completions zsh