fair-baccarat 0.2.0

Deterministically plays games of baccarat using a server seed, client seed and nonce.


CLI tool and library that verifies provably fair bets for baccarat game. Compatible with Stake.com provably fair algorithm.

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On Mac or Linux:

curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lucasholder/fair-baccarat/master/install.sh | sh

If you have Rust:

cargo install fair-baccarat


fair-baccarat <client_seed> <server_seed> <nonce>

Example usage:

$ fair-baccarat "client seed" "server seed" 2
Client seed: client seed
Server seed: server seed
Nonce: 2

Player won

Player (9): ♦9 - ♦10
Banker (7): ♥4 - ♦3

As expected, we get the same result as on Stake.com.

Rust API docs