exitfailure 0.5.1

A basic newtype wrappers for use with ? in main

exitfailure - convenient newtype wrappers for using ? in main()

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exitfailure provides some newtype wrappers to help with using ? in main().

It is intended to be used with rust 1.26 and above's "? in main()" feature (see the tracking issue here).

The primary items exported by this library are:

  • ExitFailure: a wrapper around failure::Error to allow ? printing from main to present a nicer error message, including any available context and backtrace.

  • ExitDisplay<E>: a wrapper around E: std::fmt::Display to allow the error message from main to use Display and not Debug.

For more information, including more details on the types, please see the API Documentation.


#[macro use] extern crate failure;
extern crate exitfailure;

use failure::ResultExt;
use exitfailure::ExitFailure;

fn main() -> Result<(), ExitFailure> {

fn some_fn() -> Result<(), failure::Error> {
     let error = Err(failure::err_msg("root cause failure"));
     Ok(error.context("this is some context".to_string())?)

This will print, when executed:

Error: this is some context
Info: caused by root cause failure

If the environment variable RUST_BACKTRACE=1 is set, then the printing will include whatever backtrace information is provided by the failure::Error that is being wrapped.


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