edcert-restrevoke 1.0.6

A crate for a REST-based revoke infrastructure for Edcert Certificates.
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This is an implementation for a REST-style revoke infrastructure. This contains both the code of the crate "edcert-restrevoke", which is the client implementation (fully rust) and also a sample implementation of a server (found in revoke-server), which is a simple PHP script querying a MySQL database.


The architecture is as follows: You can have multiple "clients", which all connect to one (or more) revoke-server. These can query if a certain public key has been revoked, or not. The server will eg. query a database for public keys known to be revoked and send an appropriate response.

A public key and therefore a certificate will be revoked, if the private key has been disclosed, or the authenticity can't be guaranteed for other reason