dota2_webapi_bindings 0.6.0

Rust bindings for official dota2 webapi
# dota2_webapi_bindings

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Dota 2 webapi bindings for rust

You can find the official(outdated) documentation [here](

I am currently using [xpaw]( to get a list of APIs

### How to Use :

In `Cargo.toml` :
dota2_webapi_bindings = "*"
In `` :

use dota2_webapi_bindings::Dota2Api;
static DOTA2_KEY: &str = "0123456789"; //example token

fn main() {
   let mut dota = Dota2Api::new(String::from(DOTA2_KEY));
   // we use `set` to configure the URL first
   // you can also write the above as just `dota.set_heroes();` or `dota.set_heroes().itemized_only(true);`
   // or just `dota.set_heroes().language("zh_zh");` or `dota.set_heroes().language("zh_zh").itemized_only(true);`
   // our builder like function takes care of optional parameters
   // and finally `get` to retrieve our struct
   let data = dota.get_heroes().expect("something went wrong, ez mid");

The webapi terms are same as official except they are all in lowercase, Eg : `GetGameItems` is now `get_game_items()`.

##### Available calls :
* IEconDOTA2_570
    * GetGameItems
    * GetHeroes
    * GetRarities
    * GetTournamentPrizePool
* IDOTA2Match_205790
    * GetLeagueListing
* IDOTA2Match_570
    * GetLiveLeagueGames
    * GetTopLiveGame

See [documentation]( for more.

**Note:** Try using `language()` with everything, just put in any string, it seems like its gives better readable name
and description for some reason

## License

Licensed under

 * MIT license ([]( or