derive-error 0.0.2

Derive macro for Error using macros 1.1

Derive Rust Errors

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This crate uses macros 1.1 to derive custom errors.

Getting Started

Add this crate to your dependencies section:-

derive-error = "0.0.2"

Import it in your or

extern crate derive-error;

Deriving errors is simple. Simply create an enum for your errors as suggested in the Rust book, add short descriptions for the enum variants using doc comments, throw in a #[derive(Debug, Error)] and you are done. Here is the example in the book implemented using this library:-

#[derive(Debug, Error)]
enum CliError {
  /// IO Error
  /// Failed to parse the CSV file
  /// No matching cities with a population were found

This will derive implementations for Display, Error and From. See the reql crate for a real world example of how to use this crate.