deno_simple_runtime 0.68.0

Provides the deno runtime library
// Copyright 2018-2022 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.

pub use deno_broadcast_channel;
pub use deno_console;
pub use deno_core;
pub use deno_crypto;
pub use deno_fetch;
#[cfg(feature = "ext_ffi")]
pub use deno_ffi;
pub use deno_http;
pub use deno_net;
pub use deno_tls;
pub use deno_url;
pub use deno_web;
#[cfg(feature = "ext_webgpu")]
pub use deno_webgpu;
pub use deno_webidl;
pub use deno_websocket;
pub use deno_webstorage;

pub mod colors;
pub mod errors;
pub mod fs_util;
pub mod inspector_server;
pub mod js;
pub mod ops;
pub mod permissions;
pub mod tokio_util;
pub mod web_worker;
pub mod worker;

mod patch;
mod worker_bootstrap;
pub use worker_bootstrap::BootstrapOptions;

pub use patch::StartSnapshot;
pub use worker::{MainWorker, WorkerOptions, WorkerOptionsBuilder, WorkerOptionsBuilderError};

pub mod test_util {
    use crate::{permissions::Permissions, MainWorker, WorkerOptionsBuilder};
    use std::path::PathBuf;

    pub fn testdata_path(name: &str) -> String {
        let path = PathBuf::from(env!("CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR"));
        let path = path.join(format!("../fixtures/testdata/{}", name));

    pub fn create_test_worker(file: impl AsRef<str>) -> MainWorker {
        let options = WorkerOptionsBuilder::default()

        MainWorker::bootstrap_from_options(options, vec![])