dargo 0.0.6

Some useful third-party tools for Cargo
dargo-0.0.6 is not a library.


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Some useful third-party tools based Cargo.

WARNING: Early stage, almost no documentation and unit testing.


Latest released: cargo install -f dargo

Latest branched: cargo install -f dargo --git https://github.com/DCjanus/dargo.git

PS: Recommend to use cargo-update to keep all tools up to date.


dargo upgrade

Upgrade version requirements in Cargo.toml to latest, more usage: dargo upgrade -h.

Version requirements like 1.2.3, 0.1.2, always updated to the latest version.

Version requirements like ^1.2.3, ~2.0.1, =0.3.0, 1.2, 1.*, >0.1.0 would not be upgraded (unless with --force). If you want to exclude some dependencies from dargo upgrade, those kinds of version requirements could be used.

dargo add

Add dependencies to your Cargo.toml, more usage: dargo add -h.

Without version specified like dargo add failure libc, add latest version dependencies to Cargo.toml.

With version requirement like dargo add futures-preview@>=0.3.0-alpha.12 libc@^1.0.1, add dependencies with specified version requirement.

dargo rm

Remove dependencies from your Cargo.toml, more usage: dargo rm -h.


  • dargo upgrade and dargo add would not update local registry index, unless run with flag --update.


There are some useful CLI tools for Rust developers, for example, cargo-edit, cargo-outdated.

They are fabulous, but for some reason, some designs are not suitable for my needs, for example: for compile speed, cargo-edit doesn't rely on cargo, and query latest version of crate via HTTP API, which is so slow in China. So I have to write dargo for myself and query latest version from local registry index.

Ref: cargo-edit#311


dargo outdated

Check dependencies in Cargo.lock

remove cargo dependency

When I'm familiar with cargo, I'd like to parse everything by hand rather than cargo, it would be helpful to reduce compilation time.(cargo_metadata?)