d3-core 0.1.0

A framework for server development -- the core layer

Rust Core Runtime for D3 -- A Framework for Server Development

Build Status License Rust 1.47+

The core runtime for the d3 framework. d3-core is a companion to d3-derive and d3-components. Combined, they form a framework for server development.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

d3 = "0.1.0"


extern crate d3_derive;

// A trivial instruction set
#[derive(Debug, MachineImpl)]
enum StateTable { Init, Start, Stop }

// A trivial Alice
pub struct Alice {}

// Implement the Machine trait for Alice
impl Machine<StateTable> for Alice {
     fn receive(&self, cmd: StateTable) {

// create the Machine from Alice, getting back a machine and Sender<StateTable>.
let (alice, sender) = executor::connect(Alice{});

// send a command to Alice
// Alice's receive method will be invoked, with cmd of StateTable::Init.
sender.send(StateTable::Init).expect("send failed");