crypto_proto 0.4.0

This library provides abstractions for cryptographic primitives and higher-level implementations based on them failed to build crypto_proto-0.4.0
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Welcome to my crypto_proto-library 🎉

What this library is:

This library provides some abstractions for cryptographic primitives and high-level primitives based upon them. The low-level implementations are provided by libsodium.

These traits and algorithms are implemented:

Most algorithms can be disabled independently from each other by using a custom feature-set (see Cargo.toml).


libsodium for the cryptographic algorithms, pkg-config to find libsodium and my etrace-crate for error-handling.

Build Documentation and Library:

To build and open the documentation, go into the project's root-directory and run cargo doc --release --open

To build this library, change into the projects root-directory and run cargo build --release; you can find the build in target/release.

You should also always run the tests using cargo test. Use cargo test -- --ignored to also run the expensive tests.