crossbeam 0.3.2

Support for lock-free data structures, synchronizers, and parallel programming


This crate is outdated. The Crossbeam project is currently in a transition period. We are rewriting the epoch garbage collector, as well as several other utilities and adding new structures. To follow the progress, please take a look at other crates in the project here. When the transition is complete, this crate will be updated to use the new code.

Crossbeam: support for concurrent and parallel programming

Build Status

This crate is an early work in progress. The focus for the moment is concurrency:

  • Non-blocking data structures. These data structures allow for high performance, highly-concurrent access, much superior to wrapping with a Mutex. Ultimately the goal is to include stacks, queues, deques, bags, sets and maps.

  • Memory management. Because non-blocking data structures avoid global synchronization, it is not easy to tell when internal data can be safely freed. The epoch module provides generic, easy to use, and high-performance APIs for managing memory in these cases.

  • Synchronization. The standard library provides a few synchronization primitives (locks, barriers, etc) but this crate seeks to expand that set to include more advanced/niche primitives, as well as userspace alternatives.

  • Scoped thread API. Finally, the crate provides a "scoped" thread API, making it possible to spawn threads that share stack data with their parents.


To use Crossbeam, add this to your Cargo.toml:

crossbeam = "0.3.0"

For examples of what Crossbeam is capable of, see the documentation.